Park Home Lodge prices: Including Eur to GBP conversion

Homes with ** next to the name require a crane for installation due to the size and weight of the home.

First the 11 mtr models.

The new Solero residential Park Home Lodge model is going to be our popular 37.5 x 13.5 two bedroom model with a Suite Efect® bathroom. It only costs 56,575€ which converts to 50,621.53 GBP at today’s exchange rate. Solero floor plan

The 2018 Reading residential Park Home Lodge model is a 37.5 x 13.5 one bedroom “convertible”. The master bedroom is very spacious with an en-suite bathroom and queen sized bed. This home costs 60,750€ which converts to 54,357 GBP at today’s rate. Watch video

The new Langport residential Park Home Lodge model is also a 37.5 x 13.5 two bedroom model with a Suite Efect® bathroom. This home is custom built in the solid state form. It is a very different build process.  It will take world war three to dislodge anything. Costing 62,315€ which converts to 55,757.50 GBP at today’s exchange rate. Langport floor plan

Next the 11+ mtr models

The new Sandringham residential Park Home Lodge model is a large 39.5  x 13.5 two bedroom model with two bathrooms costing only 65,582€ which converts to 58,680.71  GBP at today’s exchange rate. This is a sister to the Windsor model with a huge master bedroom with full en-suite bathroom + walk in wardrobe. Sandringham floor plan

Information worth reading The 2018 Windsor** residential Custom Built 41 x 13.5 is our top selling lodge. It has become a classic. Two bedrooms plus two full size bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchen and real slate finish. The BIG brother to the Sandringham. The price is 67,155€ which converts to 60,088 GBP at today’s rate. Watch video

Information worth reading

The 2018 Ascot** residential Custom Built 43 x 13.5 is the daddy of the two bedroom, two bathroom range. It comes in two versions, standard DG windows or Georgian DG windows. The price with standard windows is 72,540€ which converts to 64,907 GBP at today’s rate. Ascot floor plan

The Design Of The Homes

All the above Park Home Lodges are for residential use. We build homes in exactly the same way. The quality is not altered in any way. It is only the design choices and size that makes each model a different price. All models have quality windows and doors. All models have real tiles inside and out.


The other good thing is that the homes will never age. The designs are good for at least 50 years because they look like normal houses. With some love and care (just like normal homes) they will always look as good as new. Not so with mobile homes, after a few years they lose their shine and start to look more like caravans.

On Park La Posada in the village of Alameda near Malaga there will be a Park Lodge Homes show ground which will have four or five models on display.