Park Home Lodge Design

How to have your new Park Home Lodge designed once you have chosen a location for your new home.

Thanks to our in house Park Home Lodge design team consisting of a designer, a project manager and a production manager. You will be in good hands the moment you are thinking of having a Park Home Lodge built. Between them they will work with you designing a home that is perfect for your core requirements.

When designing park home lodges it is all about what the customer would like. Sometimes it requires something special installed.


To Begin The Design

To start this process we only require a £500 deposit. This is then taken off the price of the home.

The choices you have at this stage are how you want the basic layout of the home itself to be. Where the lounge is to be, centre or end. The style of kitchen, how many bedrooms, bathroom and en-suite or two bathrooms.

Next comes door and window choices. French door to the end of the home or to the side (as in bedroom each end model) and where the main windows are to go. The team will then prepare a plan for you.

Design Choices

Next you choose the style of windows, with or without shutters, this will determine where they sit within the walls height wise. Following this is how you would like the kitchen to be. Where the sink is, where the cooker is and where the 30/70 fridge freezer goes. Next comes where the bedrooms are to be in relation to the family bathroom. Our in house team will walk you through this stage easily and you will soon see your ideas taking shape.

Here is an example of what you can expect at this early stage. This is the 1st stage plan for the Solero model and forms the basis on how the home will be designed as far as walls, doors and windows goes.


The floor plan is produced after a factory visit. This allows clients to make changes if they so wish once they get home.

Once suggested changes have been carried out a new floor plan is produced.

You will see from the above design that every inch of space is used for what is important. It allows the home to feel very spacious.

The Solero Model

The current Solero show home on the Posada show ground comes with a comfortable sofa bed with matching foot stool.A glass coffee table in front of the electric flame effect fire.

Alongside the kitchen is a FULL SIZE glass dining table that comfortably seats four people. There is also an area where you can add your own wall unit or writing desk for example. It offers lots of options.

One of the main reasons why designing your own home is so successful in Spain is that for most of the year the decking area is the main living area. The dining room for example is easily incorporated in the decking and eating outside in the warm sunshine will always make the meal even more enjoyable.

In the plan above they intend to have a substantial decking area to the side of the home itself. It will include a covered 2nd lounge and a dining area.

Build Choices

Lighting again is easy as all homes have built in low power lighting throughout. Because the home is built from the floor up the first decision is the flooring, you have a choice of 24 different laminate flooring designs. Next comes the style and colour of the wall units. You have a choice of 30 shades of units.

At this stage you will already be relaxed making the choices required because you are guided through each stage by the project manager. In fact you will be enjoying the experience as samples are photographed and emailed to you as each choice is to be made.

Every room in a park lodge home is special. You choose the lighting, the electrics and of course what is to go into the room itself.


You will notice at this stage we have not mentioned furniture. We are nearly at that stage. Before that you get to choose the internal wall colours and again you have 30 different colours to choose from. The external walls are painted with a special long lasting paint and that comes in 120 colours so you can have the home exactly how you would like it. Colour charts are posted to you for this process.

The final stage in the design process takes place in Alicante in Spain. Your project manager either helps arrange a holiday in the area or arranges a short dedicated visit. This is not included in the purchase price but a few days in Spain is always worth it.

Factory Visit

Once here you will be taken to the factory and shown all the materials you have chosen so far. You are then free to confirm or make different choices based on seeing the materials. Next up when there will be the choice of the marble work top in the kitchen. You have 10 choices. This is followed by the slate colours for the luxury bathroom. You have 7 to choose from.

You will by this time have a complete picture as to how your home will be constructed. All that is needed is how you would like it furnished. Again your project manager will walk you through the process. If you choose standard stand alone furniture for the lounge and bedrooms the home is will be regarded as standard..

For those wanting something really special we offer many extras. Air con fitted, windows fitted with integrated window shutters and fly screens, and of course an upgrade option for all the furniture (you will only pay the difference).

Dishwashers and washing machines can also be installed. Installation is free and you only pay for the machine you choose. Most people have a washing machine installed in a shed that is constructed once the home has been installed on the park.

Order The Home

Finally, once you are ready to order you pay a 35% deposit less the £500 you have already paid. The build will then start and your project manager will send you lots of photos as it is being built. Once built you can either visit the factory and see the home or ask for us to transport it to your park. It is at this stage you will pay the remaining 65% of the cost of the home itself.

Interested so far? Why not request a Concept Brochure showing the differences between a Mobile Home and a Park Home Lodge.