The Home Park Lodge 

Once the design process is complete the project manager then gives the go ahead for the build to commence. As soon as the walls and roof are in place we send photographs to the customer so they can monitor the progress.

The factory will also inform the clients on the progress. The build process is all about quality from start to finish. The design team through to the production manager see that everything is exactly as you want it.

The video above.

Shows the Park Home Lodge build process . No two homes are ever built the same. Each design and build of each home is to model floor plans. The decor inside and out will always be different. The quality however never changes. The insulation is always  added to the floor, walls and roof for every build.

The build of the homes are for residential use. Standard tiles along with standard doors and windows. The furniture inside is hand built as well. You have lots of design options. The same goes with the kitchens and bathrooms. You have no end of choice.

When it comes to build quality nothing beats the Park Home Lodge. Everything is complete out as per the drawn up plans. Everything in place with the end product in mind.


The quality.

From the picture above you can see three important points. One is the quality of the doors and windows. They are not flimsy in any shape or form.

Secondly you can see how they turn the design plan into a build set of drawings. They install the electric cable in exactly the same way as if it was a concrete build. They place the black conduit containing the cable per the build plans.

The third important point is that they insulate the home from top to bottom. In terms of quality this is important. In the winter it provides warmth and in the summer it absorbs the heat. With Park Lodge Homes every home we build will be different. More choices.


The now “Monmouthshire” model named by  the owners and it really is a special home. The kitchen has been very cleverly designed. The bathroom is also very special.