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Costa Park Lodge Homes in Spain


Park Lodge Homes in Spain. With Costa Difference Ltd, you are not simply dealing with a UK Company advertising mobile homes for sale in Spain. You are dealing with a business that is dedicated to offering customers the very best options possible here in Spain. For that reason we are distributors in Spain for Willerby mobile homes built in the UK. Their range and quality of mobile homes is perfect for us.

We are also the only company to offer clients the “Counties” range of  Park Lodge Homes which means we can now offer two home concepts here in Spain. The traditional Mobile Home or the new custom built Park Lodge Home. Our in house design team are here to design your perfect home in Spain. For 2016 we launched the brand new 38 x 14  “County Range” of Park Lodge Homes. Built for the British client who wants the perfect home in Spain. The starting price for the new range of Park Lodge Homes is only £45,000 which means we are offering value as well as quality.



What is a Park Lodge Home? The easiest answer is that it is a portable version of a modern timber home. It is designed and built from the floor up as any new timber home would be built. The home itself is fully insulated inside and out and is constructed using standard building materials. The chassis is simply there so that it can be transported and installed on any park or location easily once built. Once installed it is there for life thanks to the construction methods. It then becomes a Park Lodge Home to be very proud of and of course unique.


Take a look at the video to get a better idea:



The Park Lodge Homes are really special. For the flooring inside there are 24 different wood laminate designs to choose from. The doors within the home are full size normal wooden doors and the UPVC double glazed windows are also full size made by Gealan and can be with or without shutters.

Inside the Park Lodge Home there are even more choices. There are 30 different wall unit and wardrobe timber colours, there are 10 types of marble kitchen worktops, plus 7 different colour slate tiles for the bathrooms.

For the internal walls there are 30 different colours and a whopping 120 colours for the outside walls. The Park Lodge Home can also be built to any design thanks to the design team we have in place. They will produce a floor plan based on what is wanted.

You can choose between a one bed, two bed or three bed. It can have one bathroom with an en-suite in the master, or two full size bathrooms. It can have an end lounge with French Doors or a center lounge with a bedroom each end.

The finished home once furnished will have all your ideas incorporated. You will have exactly the home you were hoping for. It will also stand out once everyone can see the build quality. You will have a home to be proud of.


Because of all the choices you have, it is important that we have an experienced project manager to guide clients through the design process as well as keeping them informed as their home is being built. We are pleased to say Eduardo is very experienced and is used to seeing projects go from the clients initial ideas through to complete builds. Every Park Lodge Home built is different.


The return of the Park Lodge Home range means that once again our in house design team are working with a specialist mobile home manufacturer to ensure we can between us produce the home of your dreams. Built on ideas, quality and the “last a lifetime” concept.

So what are the choices? In truth endless as long as what you want fits. Gone is fixed furniture sometimes used in mobile homes and in comes real furniture as you would put into any home or an apartment. You choose how you want your home furnished.



Based on a the Alhambra Homes 38 x 14 chassis the home is legal on any park in Spain. Our one size fits all means every home is built to exactly the same high quality. Alhambra Homes are the perfect partners for us because their build quality ensures that all Park Lodge Homes will be delivered and installed to our customers complete satisfaction.

Every home will be different and for the first 25 models the client can give the design a name. We have 25 County model names to choose from. For the popular floor plans you can make simple changes and then the model becomes the MK2 version. In fact floor plan changes can be made to suit all requirements, right down to making it possible to bring your own furniture. Flexibility in design makes this concept perfect.




So, if your idea is to own a Park Lodge home in Spain that is really special, and will last a life time, you have found the answer. Add to that you can ask us to design almost any feature into the home of your dreams as well. The build will take place once you have made all the design choices and we are here to help you through the whole process.

Our in house project design team will do the basics first and once the plans are all ready they then hand over to Alhambra homes. Then our project manager takes over and becomes the link between the customer and the build team. The home is built with the customer in mind at all times. The result? A real quality home to enjoy in Spain.